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On this page Dr. Kyle explains proper Lyme testing, understanding "False Positives and False Negatives" in Lyme testing, when is a good time to get tested, the reason for inflammation testing and which co-infections to test for in Minnesota.
**This page is for anyone who believes they could have Lyme or other tick-borne illnesses, wants to get tested, and take additional steps. 
Learn about the limitations with conventional Lyme Testing, best tests for co-infections and related cost.**
The BEST Lyme Testing in Minnesota

I have the symptoms for it, but my Lyme test came back negative. What can I do? Which tests are good?

2023 update:  Advances in Specialized Lyme Testing 

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The BEST Lyme testing in Minnesota
Q&A with Dr. Kyle Warren on
 Lyme Disease testing.
Dr. Kyle addresses the controversy
 on Lyme and best way to test for it!
Question # 1
"I've been tested for Lyme and I was told the test came back negative, could I still have Lyme?" YES!!!
Understanding False Positives and False Negatives

This happens a lot! The standard CDC criteria is to run what’s called an Elisa test, and then if that’s positive, they do a Blot Test, either a Western Blot or an Immuno Blot test. On the Blot test, the goal is to see matching bands. 5 out of 10 bands have to match for you to get diagnosed with Lyme. 

(This is where the confusion begins within the medical community on Lyme testing)

Now the CDC says directly on their website that this is not to be used for a clinical diagnosis. It’s not designed for doctors to use it as the criteria and, in fact, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA, which is one of the societies for Lyme, has a completely different criteria, which is much more based on the clinical presentation of a patient. 

So between the CDC and IDSA, we have pretty different criteria on exactly how to diagnose Lyme. 

But most people will follow CDC criteria. And there are some big problems with this! This is really set up for epidemiological surveying not for the clinical diagnosis. It’s set way on the side for if it’s positive, it’s absolutely positive! But we are going to have a ton of false negatives. We are not going to have almost any false positives on the CDC criteria. We have a lot of patients that say I’ve been tested and it was negative.

Lyme screening per CDC

(How the team at Restorative Health Solutions approach Lyme testing.)

Now what we do is a couple things and I really like what Dr. Richard Horowitz says (he’s got some great Lyme published books and published materials), I just run the Blot; I don’t like to do the ELISA first test, then the second Blot test, I like to run the Blot and there are some bands that I say are very promiscuous, for example Band 41 will test positive a lot. Other bands are extremely specific to Lyme and Dr. Horowitz says if any of the specific Lyme bands [on the test] Like Band #23, #83, and #93 and a few others, which are very specific; if you have the clinical presentation and you’re matching some of those bands he’s going to make the clinical diagnosis of Lyme. So what we do in the office is a mixture of making sure you get some more thorough testing then just the initial screener test. A lot of people just get that initial screener test…you want to try to get the Blot and then you have to realize there is some wiggle room in the interpretation of that Blot, particularly when you have a lot of the symptoms as well.

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Question # 2
"If I don't develop a rash from a tick bite, could I still have Lyme Disease?" YES!
Somewhere between 20 to 50% of people get a rash, which means 50 to 80% of people don't get a rash but still can get Lyme! 
We tell people if you get a rash, that's actually a good thing, as it makes the Lyme diagnosis much easier. A bullseye rash is a clear indicator of Lyme disease, but if you don't get the rash, but still have other clinical symptoms such as headache, flu, pain, and weakness, you should still be tested for Lyme! It is very common to not get the bullseye rash, but still be infected with Lyme disease from tick exposure. 

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Question # 3
Recommended Tests for Lyme and co-infections. Why is inflammation testing important? 

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Check out our patient FAQ Section below to learn more about what people are asking and up against with nasty tick bites... 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I know I have Lyme disease?
A: The most prominent and definitive symptom of Lyme disease is a bullseye rash around the location of the tick bite. If you have a bullseye rash you should immediately be tested. As soon as one week to three weeks after the tick bite, you may experience headaches, fever, rash, fatigue, chills.

Q: I was bit by a tick and did not get a bullseye rash, can I still get Lyme disease?
A: Yes, The bulls eye rash only happens around 50% of the time! If you have other Lyme disease symptoms (fever, rash, fatigue, headaches, chills) and you know you were recently in a tick infested region, we advise that you get tested right away.

Q: I think I may have Lyme disease, what’s the best way to get tested? Can this testing vary at different clinics?
A: Standard testing is an Elisa antibody test and can be easily run at any clinic. However, Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis so a Doctor can diagnose you with Lyme disease if the symptoms match. Also remember, even with negative test results you may still have Lyme disease.

Q: What is involved in an actual test for Lyme? Is it expensive?
A: Double checking the Lyme with two different methods is a better way to evaluate Lyme yet and in the long run most cost-effective approach.  Depending on your symptoms, it is also a common practice of ours to test for the top co-infections in the area. In Minnesota these are Babesia, Bartonella, Anaplasma, and Ehrilichia.

Q: I was tested for Lyme disease, the test came back Negative, can I still have Lyme disease? 
A: Unfortunately, the answer is YES. We have discovered that Lyme is a bacteria that is the best at hiding from your immune system, which can make testing difficult in some people. This is why Dr. Warren always does 2 Lyme tests to cross-verify the possibility of Lyme in patients.

Q: How many people that do get Lyme disease are able to get rid of it?
A: Roughly 40,000 Minnesotans get Lyme each year and 80%- 90% of people are able to get rid of it in a few weeks! Lyme disease is treatable and your body should be able to fight it. The bigger issue becomes, when you develop Chronic Lyme. Then the question we have to answer is, “Why is your body not able to defeat this, like it has with so many other bugs, so many times before?”

Q: Can I get Lyme disease from my dog or cat?
A: No. Lyme disease is not transmitted from animals to humans directly. However, a tick can be picked up by your dog or cat and then bite you, so it's important to routinely check your pets for ticks, as well as yourself.

Q: I have a lot of deer in my backyard, could I have Lyme disease?
A: Possibly. The only verified way of Lyme disease transmission is through ticks, which actually prefer deer and mice (not humans!). If you are routinely in an area with high deer traffic it is important to be more vigilant in checking for ticks on your clothes, body, and your family.

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This is what our customers have said about The Restorative Health Solutions Team
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             Having been seeing Dr. Kyle since March, he has given me a life back after being diagnosed with Lymes in 2015. He's compassionate, a true wealth of knowledge and takes a multiple step process when working with his patients. I cannot say how much he has changed my life for the better."

-Lori Paul
             After 2 1/2 years going through traditional medical process with no significant change and after six months of treatment with restorative health the problem has been addressed properly and it had changed my life for the better with no meds."

-Sandra Larson
            I have been seeing Dr. Kyle and Dr. Paul for about 10 months now for Lyme disease. Prior to this, I was searching high and low for answers and getting no where. I was feeling fatigued, brain fog, stomach issues, anxiety, light sensitivity, dizziness... just a multitude of symptoms that I couldn't piece together.
The team at Rhs has been instrumental in me reaching my goals. Lyme disease has been extremely challenging and Rhs has been there every step of the way.
Lyme disease doesn't go away on it's own and it is a marathon, but Restorative Health Solutions has a process that works, follow it, be open and communicate. This is a two way street, they can't read your mind, so come in with the mentality of a partnership.
I would recommend anyone go and see them if you need to find answers on your Lyme disease journey."

-Aaron Lindholm
             After years of trying to deal with health issues with various doctors I was finally blessed to find RHS. Dr. Deglmann takes a very scientific, methodical and holistic approach to treatments... and they work! He and the rest of the staff are awesome to work with. They have changed my life."

-Kevin Hendricks
             When no one can figure out "what's wrong with me" Dr. Kyle Warren will take the time to figure it out and treat it. He has made such a difference, I can not express in words the difference he has made."

-Susan Kaulbars
             Impressive, Smart, Top Notch. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at RHS. From my initial appt to my follow up. Dr. Kyle and Dr. Paul were great to work with and both encouraged me to better health through testing, exercises and education. Also their support staff Katie and Randi are wonderful as well. Prompt, courteous, and always available for questions! I highly recommend RHS! Cheers to better health."

-Tara Schwagmeyer
             Dr. Kyle Warren is a trustworthy dude and helped me transform my life. When I first came to see Dr. Warren and team, I was going through a really dark season that had been lasting about 5 months. I had tried a lot of things that hadn't been working - meditation, prayer, frequent exercise, eating healthy, CBT therapy, other forms of therapy, and positive self affirmations. I did not want to take anti-depressants, because I felt that was not addressing the root cause. To me, it was treating the symptoms and not the cause. Nothing was working very well.
Eventually I stumbled across functional medicine through a blog I was reading. I decided to give it a shot. I decided on RHS after doing some quick Google Review researching. Following some results from a blood test, Kyle told me to start eating more protein and take a few supplements (B-complex, Omega, & D). Within about a month after my first visit I was not only back to myself but I was operating at my best self everyday. It has been about 3 months now, and everyday I am continuing to bring my best self to the table with my coworkers, family, and friends. It's a phenomenal transformation and I am incredibly grateful to God, Kyle, and his team at RHS. Having come from where I was (what some would describe as deep depression with intense anxiety) to where I am now (empowered, confident, extrovert that loves people), is incredible. The results far exceeded my expectations."

-Benjamin Goulet
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