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Co-infections complicate Lyme disease!
Dr. Kyle Warren walks through every controversy around co-infections...
The tick is nature's DIRTY needle! When you get bit by a tick you can't only worry about Lyme disease. You could get so many different co-infections with so many additional complications. Each co-infection needs to be tested and tackled uniquely. Learn all about Lyme co-infections predominantly in Minnesota and the best way to handle them!
**This page is for anyone who believes they have Chronic Lyme or other tick-borne illnesses, want to get tested, and take additional steps from there. Learn about the limitations with conventional Lyme Testing, best tests for co-infections and best protocol for chronic lyme.**

If you suspect Lyme and co-infections, the testing has to be done differently!
Dr. Warren explains here in this Must Watch video:

For questions on Bartonella, please click here.

For questions on Babesia, please click here.

A good lyme Protocol should address coinfections. A Must WATCH video

Discovery of Tickborne Pathogens as causes of human disease in the United States, 1900-present

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which other tick-borne illnesses are possible in Minnesota?
A: The most common co-infections are Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, and Anaplasmosis. Here is something everyone should know. it could be possible you don't have Lyme, but you have one of these other tickborne infections such as Bartonella. We see this many times in our office. Also, may doctor's offices will check for Lyme and if that comes back negative, not test for any of the co-infections. We think this is the wrong approach. A better approach is to test for Lyme with two to three of the most common Minnesota co-infections depending on your clinical symptoms. In our experience this takes the guesswork work out and we are able to get you better faster.

Q: What is Anaplasmosis?
A: Anaplasmosis is a bacteria just like Lyme disease bacteria (Borrelia), but it infects a person’s white blood cells. We talk to most doctors about this and it’s very mysterious to them because it causes low white blood cell counts and a slight elevation in liver enzymes. Showing a low white blood cell count can quickly confuse doctors if they aren’t already thinking about Anaplasmosis because 98% of all infections cause HIGH white blood cells. 

Q: I don't have Lyme. Could I have other tick-borne illnesses?
A: It is possible to have tick-borne illness that is NOT Lyme disease.  We often run a co-infection panel, or at a minimum, run a Bartonella, Babesia and Anaplasma tests in patients with chronic illness in Minnesota. Sometimes we will also test for Ehrilichia and Powassan Virus.

Q: My symptoms are different from other patients I know who have Chronic Lyme; why is that?
A: The top symptoms of chronic Lyme are fatigue, joint/muscle pain, and neurological complications (such as brain fog, vertigo, neuropathy, or depression). However only 75% of Lyme patients have fatigue, and only 50% have pain, and about 60% have neurological involvement. These relatively low percentages can mean Lyme patients can look very different from one another. Also, which co-infections you are dealing with can change the clinical symptoms as well. For example, Babesia with Lyme may clinically show up differently than Anaplasmosis with Lyme.

Q: Handling Lyme seems complicated; why is that?
A: The topic of co-infections can complicate things. Doctors have said that “the tick is nature’s dirty needle.” These ticks live and eat mice blood and deer blood, so when you are bitten by a tick, often times it’s not like you get just one may have gotten a whole cocktail of bugs and there are many different tick borne illnesses to consider. The other complication with handling Lyme and Chronic Lyme is the differing in opinions for published criteria between the CDC and IDSA (Infectious Diseases Society of America) on how to test for it. The best advice I can give you is to work with a Lyme Literate doctor, to always get a second opinion and to know that if you are not feeling better in 3-6 months you need to do something different or work with a different MD.
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             Impressive, Smart, Top Notch. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at RHS. From my initial appt to my follow up. Dr. Kyle and Dr. Paul were great to work with and both encouraged me to better health through testing, exercises and education. Also their support staff Katie and Randi are wonderful as well. Prompt, courteous, and always available for questions! I highly recommend RHS! Cheers to better health."

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             I have been seeing Dr Warren for a few years and he has improved my health and my life greatly. I have many health issues and had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue 8 years ago, after I had to leave my career. I tried almost every traditional medical specialist and even a few naturalpathic specialist without any continued improvement in health. Most told there was nothing wrong with me. Dr. Warren has taken the time and done a vast amount of research to help me with autoimmune, thyroid, chemical sensitivities, and even my gallbladder. He truly cares, takes the time to hear you and your health challenges, and is always willing to try additional routes. I am back working and able to have a fulfilled life again! I am so thankful to have the best doctor!" 

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The team at Rhs has been instrumental in me reaching my goals. Lyme disease has been extremely challenging and Rhs has been there every step of the way.
Lyme disease doesn't go away on it's own and it is a marathon, but Restorative Health Solutions has a process that works, follow it, be open and communicate. This is a two way street, they can't read your mind, so come in with the mentality of a partnership.
I would recommend anyone go and see them if you need to find answers on your Lyme disease journey." 

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